With an experience of almost half a century and a deep-rooted culture of quality and innovation, GIGOTTI is a first-rate technology partner in the construction of machinery, units and precision machine parts for several prestigious industries. Our partners include world renowned leaders in machinery and equipment manufacturing.

The GIGOTTI group is based on the synergy of three companies: Officine Gigotti Francesco srl, specialized in mechanical constructions and complex units according to the customer’s specifications; Meccanica Gigotti srl, specialized in the precision engineering of components and complex parts; and A&D srl, focused on designing systems and production equipment.

Francesco Gigotti decided to found Officine Gigotti Francesco in 1968, whereas Meccanica Gigotti srl was founded much later in 2003. Meccanica Gigotti was born as an offshoot of the parent company in order to expand and diversify its production.

A&D Automazione & Design srl was founded in 1999 with the aim of meeting specific needs in the design and construction of customized systems and equipment for manufacturing and developing major innovative solutions/patents in collaboration with companies and research centers. It supports the customer through the phases of design, prototyping and industrialization in the strictest confidence.

GIGOTTI has always set itself apart by its performance in terms of:

End Product Quality (Including Base Material)
Meeting realistic delivery times
 Constructive feedback and advice on product improvements
Excellent communication/education

Sharing values, resources and expertise within the GIGOTTI group is the essential element for the growth, development and innovation that allows us every day to face and overcome the most ambitious challenges as our customers’ technology partner in the aim of providing the best competitive advantage.

Currently, the group has access to the expertise of approximately 40 employees and technicians and a total surface area of 5900 m2 including 1700 m2 of indoor space.

The production department is made up of qualified and skilled staff: machining experts, technical-industrial experts and technical executives with extensive experience in machining, materials, treatments and special processes. Gigotti’s staff of specialized technicians and engineers supports and aids the customer from the design stage right through to the finished product.

All the companies of the GIGOTTI group have an EN ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system and an integrated system for planning, inspecting and managing production management.