GIGOTTI has established a reliable organizational and productive structure and is constantly improving.

The expertise and Best Practices we have acquired are transmitted from generation to generation through a flat organization that enables greater speed in decision-making and communication.

“Competitiveness” for GIGOTTI is not just a buzzword in response to the market: it is above all a great responsibility that allows us to face the future as an active participant, implementing the necessary changes and fostering innovation.

We encourage and reward pragmatic problem-solving in all functions and at all levels. Our mindset is focused on making decisions as close as possible to our customers. The company’s owners and management keep these principles alive by maintaining an efficient work environment thanks to the commitment and motivation of all our employees.

GIGOTTI ‘s secret to success is in our DNA, the DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES. We have always cultivated and gambled on the greatest asset we have: our employees, followed by technology. The working environment at Gigotti  is geared towards stimulating the potential of all our employees and ensuring their involvement by adapting the environment for maximum efficiency and competitiveness.

We pay special attention to implementing training programs for acquiring specific and advanced skills. We always combine continuous and diversified investments in new technologies with training and apprenticeships for new high school and university graduates.